Coffee How To


Always store the coffee in a cool, dark and dry place, and not in the freezer or refrigerator. This is essential to prevent the fine flavors and aromas of the freshly-roasted coffee from degrading due to exposure to light and air.Ideally, you want to store your coffee in a 1-way valve seal container such as the Friis Coffee Vault. If you have opened the coffee bag already, the worst place is the freezer because the coffee beans will absorb moisture. Unopened coffee bags with a 1-way valve seal may be stored in the freezer, and this can actually extend the freshness.

C O F F E E   T E M P E R A T U R E

According to the SCAA, the optimal water temperature for coffee is 92 - 96C (197.6 - 204.8F) for 90% of the contact time. In manual brewing method such as french presses and pour-overs, this can be achieved by bringing the water to a boil and letting sit for 3-5 minutes before adding it to the ground coffee.

F R E N C H   PR E S S

The best brewing method is often deemed to be the French Press, which allows coffee grinds to soak directly in hot water. With no paper filter to remove the coffee's volatile oils, the French Press allows the coffee connoisseur to enjoy all of the best qualities of a premium gourmet coffee including its body, aroma, acidity, aftertaste, bitterness, and sweetness. A good French Press has a stainless steel or gold mesh filter. Make sure your equipment is perfectly clean because old residues can impart a tainted taste to your perfect cup of coffee. It's also important that the glass be made of borosilicate - the same material as beakers in science labs - to deal with the heat without shattering. Glass is a poor choice.


The Cold Water brewing method involves soaking the ground coffee in a relatively small amount of cold water for about fifteen hours, then using a filter to separate the grounds from the beverage using the drip method. The Cold Water method produces strong, concentrated coffee, which is often stored for ready use, and may be mixed with hot water when desired. The resulting brew tends to be a low acid coffee and have a light body and while some say the coffee has a bland flavor, others describe it as a very pleasing, delicate taste.